Thank you for your interest in submitting a Spanish Bible plan on the YouVersion Bible App! YouVersion and El Centro Network are grateful for your desire to share your resources with our community to help people explore and experience God’s Word.



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YouVersion, a division of Life.Church, partners with the newly-formed El Centro Network to increase YouVersion’s reach and engagement with the over 470 million native Spanish speakers around the world. ECN sources premier new content from ministries and other partners, like you, from around the world, as well as develops original content for consumption by YouVersion’s millions of daily users. To learn more about El Centro Network, visit us at


Bible plans are supplemental pathways to help people get to the scripture they’re looking for, and helps our users find out what God’s Word says about what matters to them. YouVersion currently offers hundreds of Bible plans in a variety of languages. Each plan varies in length. The minimum length of each plan is three days, with the maximum being 365 days.

As we track engagement we recognize that the average user is on their smart phone and tends to prefer consolidated content. That has helped shape our current word count per day, which is 400 words or less.

While the majority of our devotional content is text-based, we also welcome other forms of media as part of the devotional experience. We know great biblical content can be read, watched, looked at, or listened to. We support video, audio, and images, and would embed those elements into the devotional experience for you.

We want to make sure that your content is well categorized in the app so that users can easily find what they’re looking for, and your content gets adequate visibility. Bible plan categories include Addiction, Encouragement, Faith, Families, Fasting, Finances, Forgiveness, Grace, Groups, Humility, Kids, Leadership, Marriage, Men, Missions, Parenting, Purpose, Singles, Wisdom, Women, Worship, Young Adults, and Youth.

For examples and a full listing of English Bible plans, please visit Spanish Bible plans can be found at


  1. Scripture-Based: Since we are focused on Bible engagement, plans need to provide Bible verses or passages for daily reading. Stand-alone devotionals that don’t require reading the Bible as part of the daily assignment will not be accepted.
  1. Unique: Although plans shouldn’t be unique just for uniqueness’ sake, we do look for original content that is relevant to everyday living. We also like to provide options that meet a variety of needs, so if there are topics that resonate with your specific community, it’s likely that others will benefit from the content as well.
  1. Legal: Content providers must have the legal right to sign a Licensing Agreement that gives YouVersion legal permission to distribute the structure/content of the plan. Only copyright holders can sign the agreement.
  1. Relevant: Topics must be relevant to a broad Christian audience. Since our users come from a variety of denominational viewpoints, plans geared to one specific group or sect may not accepted.
  1. Quality: Content, including images, audio and video, must be of high quality and translate well in all formats including desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  1. Authority: Your wisdom is valuable. Choose topics where you’ve been given insight and/or topics that have resonated well with your existing audience.

For more Bible plan specifics, as well as frequently asked questions, please visit for the English version or for the information in Spanish.



Once El Centro Network approves you as a YouVersion Bible Plan provider, here is the process:

  1. El Centro Network provides you with:
    1. YouVersion & El Centro Network Spanish Content Submission Basics
    2. YouVersion Bible Plan Template
    3. YouVersion Content Licensing Agreement – this agreement is a one-time signed contract that will cover all the content you provide us.
  1. You, the Bible Plan provider and now a YouVersion Content Partner, return the following, via email, to El Centro Network Rep for each Bible plan:
    1. Bible Plan Template – Completed, per instructions found on Plan Formatting link: Please be sure and fill out both the “Plan” and “Days” tabs.
    2. Images – One main image (1440 x 810) and a thumbnail image (320 x 320), per devotional plan
    3. Audio/Video (Optional) – Target length is between :30 and 5:00
    4. A signed copy of our Licensing Agreement (is only submitted along with your first plan)

Because users begin subscribing to plans as soon as they become available, we can only accept completed plans with appropriate text, references, images, and any optional audio or video. Once a plan is uploaded to YouVersion, minor changes can be made, but not significant changes which would negatively impact those that have already subscribed to the plan.

Detailed guidelines for the Bible Plan Template, as well as additional details for image, audio, and video files can be found in the Plan Formatting instructions.

  1. El Centro Network and YouVersion review the content using a variety of factors including, but not limited to accuracy, grammar, quality, theological soundness and appeal. We reserve the right to decline any submission for reasons other than those listed here.
  1. El Centro Network Rep communicates final decision back to Bible Plan provider. If plan was accepted, YouVersion will publish content within 2-4 weeks.


ECN and YouVersion are happy to evaluate your content and include it in the app at no charge, assuming Bible plans are delivered according to specifications.

For a fee, ECN is also pleased to provide, as needed, services that will meet YouVersion’s requirements.

Devotional Content

For devotional content or Bible plans that are completed, ECN can provide the following services:

  • Editing-ECN expert editors will provide Developmental Editing and Copy Editing services to ensure that the Bible Plans are well-organized, appropriate in tone, clear and articulate, consistent in approach, as well as grammatically correct and error-free.
  • Translation-ECN’s team will also translate content from English to Spanish
  • Bible Plan Template Completion-ECN will take your Bible plans that already meet YouVersion’s guidelines and format them to fit into YouVersion’s Bible Plan Templates
  • Image Creation-ECN’s graphics team will provide the accompanying graphics needed for each devotional

Fees will vary based on amount of work required to provide the YouVersion app user well-organized, audience-appropriate, and clear Bible plans.

Non-Devotional Content

ECN is happy to review non-devotional content, including books, sermons, blogs, curriculum, Bible studies, or other written material to determine whether some or all of the content can be shaped into Bible plans or devotionals that fit within YouVersion’s guidelines.

Any content that is deemed appropriate for submission to YouVersion for possible inclusion in the app will go through an extensive Developmental Editing process where our expert editors will edit, revise, and make necessary additions to the content.

The Developmental Editing process will be followed by the Copy Editing process to ensure proper spelling, grammar, and flow.

Translation, Bible Plan Template Completion, and Image Creation services can also be provided for non-devotional content.

Fees will vary based on amount of work required to provide the YouVersion app user well-organized, audience-appropriate, and clear Bible plans.


It is not possible to accomplish our mission without partnering with great organizations who share our passion to help people connect with God through His Word. We hope that by freely sharing your content with us that you see the Kingdom impact within your ministry and around the world.

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