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What does ECN do?

ECN adapts your sermons (audio or video), books, articles, blog posts, song lyrics, and more into YouVersion Bible app devotional plans.

What do I need to do to turn my material into a Bible plan?

You only have to give us access to your sermons, books, articles, songs, etc.; one of our editors will adapt them into a Bible plan.

What is the cost of this service?

The cost of producing your plan is $0.32 per word, including development of the devotional plan in English and Spanish, graphic design in English and Spanish, proofing, and uploading to YouVersion. A typical 3-day Bible Reading Plan with 400 words per day costs about $384 (total for English & Spanish Plan) A 5-day Bible Reading Plan averaging 400 words per day is about $640 A 7-day Bible Reading Plan cost is about $896

How long does the process usually take?

It usually takes 3 weeks from the time that ECN receives your material to the time that it is published.

Will I be able to review the plan before it is uploaded to YouVersion?

Yes. When our team finishes the production process, we will send it to you for approval.

If I want my Bible plan in more languages, can ECN translate it for me?

Yes, once the first version of your plan is published, we can translate your plan and artwork into Russian or Portuguese.

After ECN submits the plan to YouVersion, do I still own my content?

Yes. You will still fully own your content.

Does ECN prepare plans only for adults, or does it offer materials for children?

ECN adapts material for use with children and teens upon request.

How many people will be able to read my plan?

Anyone who can access the YouVersion app will be able to search for and read your plan. Worldwide, more than 500 million people to date have installed the app. YouVersion is the most popular app of its kind for both English and Spanish users.