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We Adapt Your Materials

ECN adapts your sermons (audio or video), books, articles, blog posts, song lyrics and more into YouVersion Bible app devotional plans.

Publish on Bible Apps

ECN will publish your devotional on your behalf on the YouVersion Bible App. Reach more than 500 million people.

Translate To Multiple Languages

ECN will translate your devotional plan into Spanish. Russian and Portuguesse are also available for an additional fee.

By The Numbers

ECN Latest Engagement Statistics

El Centro Network produces devotional plans for the YouVersion Bible app based on source material (books, sermons, articles, songs, etc) provided to us by our ministry partners. Each plan consists of three to seven days of devotionals. Each devotional day has at least one Bible verse reference and sometimes as many as eight. When a user reads an entire plan, it is marked as “completed.“ Such plans represent significant Bible engagement by users and give ECN measurable results to track the fulfillment of our mission. 




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Our Service

How we turn your materials into

YouVersion bible plans

You give us access to your sermons, books, articles, songs, etc.

One of our editors adapts your material into a 3-7 day devotional plan.

One of our graphic artists designs artwork for your devotional plan.

The devotional plan and the artwork for it are sent to you for approval. You get unlimited revisions.

We upload your plan to YouVersion. YouVersion reviews and publishes your plan.

Once the English version of your plan is published, we translate your plan and artwork into Spanish and more.


$0.32 Per Word

Popular Plan Sizes

3-day Bible plan

A 3-day Bible reading plan averaging 400 words per day is about $384 (1,200 words).

5-day Bible plan

A 5-day Bible reading plan averaging 400 words per day is about $640 (2,000 words).

7-day Bible plan

A 7-day Bible reading plan averaging 400 words per day is about $896 (2,800 words).

$0.32 per word covers:

Production of devotional plan in English & Spanish • Graphic Design in English & Spanish • Unlimited Revisions • Uploading to YouVersion.

Additional Languages Available

We can produce your devotional in Russian and Portuguese. The cost for each language is an additional $0.16 per word.


These are some of our most popular plans:

Some of Our



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Reach Millions of People

By publishing devotional plans on the YouVersion Bible app, you'll have access to its massive user base. The YouVersion Bible app has been installed on over 500 million unique devices all over the world.

Promote Bible Engagement Around The World

Having your Bible Plans published not only in English, but in Spanish, Portuguesse and Russian, widens your reach across the globe.

Increase Awareness Of Your Ministry

Your plans will not only be a spiritual blessing to thousands, they will also serve as an effective marketing tool to all other resources your ministry offers.

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El Centro Network charges a fee to adapt, upload and translate ministry partners’ materials into devotional plans for the YouVersion Bible app. To submit devotional plans directly to YouVersion free of cost, click here.